History of P.S. Gourmet Coffee

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PS Gourmet Coffee was established in 1986 by James E. Fallon. The original name for the store "Perkins Square Deli" was derived due to its location, Perkins Square South Boston. Perkins Square was named after a WWI war hero name Michael "Mickey" J. Perkins.

The store first opened as a coffee shop, convenience store and deli. In 2004, the decision was made for PS to focus on coffee. With this new plan in motion, we designed a new look for PS, created a new product and modernized our name to reflect our formulated product. PS Gourmet Coffee was born.

Through experimentation, customer feedback and the strategic and creative minds of family and staff, we discovered a new coffee blend. This new recipe combines flavored coffee, and mocha to taste like your favorite candy bar. This transformation has created a new experience for coffee drinkers and earned PS a new loyal customer base.

Due to the success of PS South Boston and our high demand, we were able to open a second PS location in Dorchester, which opened in 2012. As our business continues to grow and our customer base expands, we intend to open additional locations and are excited to see what the future holds. You never know...one day a PS store may pop up near you.