Egg sandwich:$3.25
Egg sandwich with Cheese: $4.00
Sausage, bacon OR ham with egg: $4.50
Sausage, bacon OR ham egg and cheese: $4.70

Bagel with butter: $2.00

Bagel with cream cheese: $2.50                                                                                                        Plain, Wheat, Onion, Sesame, Everything and Cinnamon Raisin       

Cream cheese: Plain, Light, Veggie or Chive & Onion                                                       

Toast: $2.00

English Muffin $2.00 

Biscuit: $2.00 

Croissants $2.00

All breakfast sandwiches come on your choice of bread: white/wheat toast, bagel, english muffin, biscuit or croissant.

Consuming raw or undercooked eggs increase your risk of foodborn illness

All Prices are subject to change without notice
All Taxes Included